Elegant & Functional Fashion


Ivy Lumpkin has been an entrepreneur and seamstress for over 25 years. She owns a cleaning business and works at home in her design studio. With a degree in fashion design she loves to create simple yet elegant clothing designs from natural fabrics, reclaimed garments and selected materials for people of all shapes and sizes.

Although not completely restricted to elegant clothing designs, she has also sewn several historical costumes for reenactments (Revolutionary and Civil War), old west theater, wedding gowns and production runs for various custom projects and items. Along with her fashion design Ivy has also participated in a number of fashion shows such as World AIDS Fashion Show and Portland Fashion Week.

When she is not working, creating designs or sewing, Ivy is at home in Portland, Oregon with family or friends having fun, spending time in the garden (mostly weeding), traveling, hiking or just being outdoorsy. She is currently working on a dress line that was inspired by a recent trip to Japan.